Bingos – Bingos provide our greatest source of fundraising revenues. Dancers’ Studio West provides 10 – 14 volunteers for bingos taking place at The Bingo Barn in NE Calgary at least once a month. We have a great corps of volunteers and are always looking for additional individuals to volunteer once a year or once a month. Onsite training is provided by a highly experienced volunteer coordinator.

Ushers/Ticket Takers – We require 9 – 12 volunteers to usher and take tickets for each of our productions. Volunteers are provided onsite training and get to see the show for free!

More information on volunteer opportunities can be provided by contacting our Managing Director, Suzanne Mott at businessmanager@dswlive.com.

Board of Directors –  We are always interested in skills you may be able to contribute to our team through volunteering on a Committee or with our Board of Directors. For more information, please contact our President, Megan Ballard at president@dswlive.ca.