Dear friends of Dancers’ Studio West,

I hope this finds you well and are enjoying all that autumn brings – a stunning range of colours, Cucurbitaceae (yeah, you’re gonna have to look that up!), spooky Halloween vibes, and that extra hour of sleep last week end. 

October was especially energizing in Calgary with Fluid Fest’s three weeks of outstanding dance performances, talks and workshops. I was personally thrilled and honoured that my company gave the first dance performance in cSPACE. And last week, DSW collaborated with Nicole Mion, Springboard Performance and the Fluid Fest on an Undressing the Dance, featuring Montreal choreographer Lucy M. May and Canadian Krump pioneer Vladimir “7Starr” Laurore talking about their work “Study for Anima/Darkroom”. The conversation was utterly fascinating, and I was especially inspired by 7’s description of how Krump is taught, and what goes on internally for a performer. Thought and action are fused, making for fully integrated embodiment of movement. I want to thank all those who came to the talk, and Nicole, Lucy and 7 for their generosity and open-ness.

Coming up on November 29th is our first “The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body”, a series of facilitated conversations that courageously interrogate dance through a lens that is concerned with anti-colonialism, anti-racism and feminism. Inspired by artist Su-Feh Lee’s same named series which has taken place in Vancouver since 2012, this community meeting encourages speaking about performance from an awareness of our bodies as well as the world we live in. Each gathering will surround a current event or topic related to our art and our being in the world. TTDB welcomes the dance community (all form and aesthetics), invited thinkers and allies. The event is free of charge, with wine and cheese served. To find out more about the event, please join our “The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body – Calgary” Group here: JOIN GROUP

That’s it for now. Looking forward to seeing you out in the field! 

Sincerely, Sasha Ivanochko
Artistic Director


The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body/Calgary

Initiated in 2012 by Vancouver-based artist Lee Su-Feh, The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body/Calgary is a facilitated conversation led by Sasha Ivanochko and Pamela Tzeng, that will encourage speaking about dance from an awareness of our bodies as well as the world it lives in.

More information including any requirement to RSVP will be provided in our E-Newsletters and in the Facebook Group prior to the event dates. 

  • Location: cSPACE King Edward, RGO Treehouse South (4th floor), 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary
  • Dates:
    • Thursday, Nov 29, 2018
    • Thursday, Feb 21, 2019
    • Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • Times: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Facilitators: Sasha Ivanochko (Artistic Director) and Pamela Tzeng

All sessions are free of charge. Space will be limited. Wine and snacks will be served.



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