Davida Monk, Hope is a feathered thing, choreographed by Linnea Swan, Annual Alberta Dance Festival 2017 Photo: Tim Nguyen, Citrus Photography

Artistic Director Steps Aside

This coming season, 2017 – 2018, will mark my tenth and final season as Artistic Director of Dancers’ Studio West. I am certain that I have made the decision to leave this role at a time when we have accomplished much: a solid artistic reputation, an offering of important and effective programs responsive to dance community needs, a growing public appreciation, and a stable organization. Should the occasion arise I would be happy to continue to contribute in a variety of capacities in the future. My intention is to pass the mantle of responsibility on to a younger artist who will bring new energy to the position. As for my own plans, I am looking forward to the next phase of my life as a dance artist, to what I hope what will be a rich and long period of contribution, performance and creation.

Davida Monk, Artistic Director